Chandre Torpet

D&I business pacesetter • Impactful strategic advisor
 • Savvy executive recruiter • Inclusive business leader

I fall into that sweet spot where
leadership + D&I + results  meet.

Leaders get that even the smallest shift in perspective can mean the difference between success and failure. Where others see challenges around D&I, I see opportunities.

Before Inclusive Matters, I spent a decade advising senior execs on their career moves. Because of  those open conversations, they often talked about the company challenges. I was like a “fly on the wall”.

Things got really interesting when I connected that leader to the company growth through D&I solutions. Inclusive Matters was born and I was no longer the fly on the wall. You see, I experience Diversity & Inclusion differently than most executives…

Let’s face it… how many D&I leaders do you know who have lived in 5 countries, worked in 7, are a racial minority, a foreigner AND a woman? I bring all of this, and more to my clients’ D&I strategy.

Regardless of the size or sector, I have one condition when working with clients: the executive team becomes an active and genuine part of the company’s D&I solution.

Here’s where I shine

D&I strategy

INCMAT D&I Ecosystem Model

INCMAT D&I Footprint Assessments

Metrics driven D&I strategies

Inclusive Leadership Development

Systemic/Institutional Discrimination

Strategic Inclusion

Executive talent attraction

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