3 DEI Trends Reshaping European Companies

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Chandre Torpet of Inclusive Matters, shares 3 DEI trends reshaping European companies this year.


The Decline of D&I Roles

One of the most notable predictions is the continued decline in the number of jobs available for diversity, equity, and inclusion professionals. This trend has already begun. Mass layoffs in certain sectors hit D&I departments particularly hard. Furthermore, companies that were once vocal supporters of D&I initiatives are now backtracking. They are backtracking on their commitments.

As a reminder of times past, there was a focus D&I in 2020: Russell Reynolds: “A Leader’s Guide to Finding and Keeping Chief Diversity Officers in Europe”

DEI Integrating with ESG

Companies are shifting focus to Environmental, Social, and Governance initiatives. These are called ESG initiatives. D&I roles are expected to integrate into this broader ESG framework. This transition may provide new opportunities. D&I professionals could align efforts with overarching ESG objectives.

The Demand for Senior Leader Awareness

Despite potential downsizing of dedicated D&I roles, there will be increased demand for D&I awareness at the senior leadership level. Senior leaders will need more understanding of D&I. This awareness will come through one-on-one conversations. It will also come through team discussions. Other collaborative efforts will foster an inclusive environment within organizations.

The AI Challenge and Opportunity

AI technology is advancing rapidly. This presents challenges and opportunities for D&I. Concerns exist about potential biases in AI algorithms. The algorithms are often developed by a specific demographic group. That group is typically European or European-American men aged 30-35.

There are “wonderful opportunities” to address AI biases. AI tools need to be designed for inclusivity. They should represent diverse perspectives. D&I professionals can engage in AI development. They can play a crucial role in mitigating biases. They can promote inclusivity through AI.


D&I trends In European companies for 2024 promise to be a year of adaptation and innovation.

While challenges may arise, such as the potential decline in dedicated D&I roles, there are also opportunities to integrate D&I principles into broader organizational initiatives like ESG and shape the development of AI technologies to be more inclusive.

By staying vigilant, embracing change, and collaborating with senior leadership, the D&I community can continue to drive meaningful progress towards a more equitable and inclusive business environment.

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